What Small Teams Should Know when Building Embedded Linux Systems – Gregory Fong, Virgin Galactic

Learning a new build system or SDK can be an intimidating barrier to putting together a custom embedded Linux application. In this presentation, Gregory Fong will demonstrate how to spend the minimum of time and effort to add in the functionality you need to develop your application when you understand the scope of available documentation, common features across modern build systems, and availability of reference platforms. He will highlight how working with OpenEmbedded/Yocto has enabled Virgin Galactic to move swiftly with a small team on the LauncherOne satellite launch vehicle flight computer.

About Gregory Fong
Gregory Fong is a Senior Software Engineer at Virgin Galactic, where he has been making extensive use of Linux and Openembedded/Yocto for the flight computer of LauncherOne, a small satellite launch vehicle. Before that, he was a Linux kernel developer at Broadcom, where he made a handful of contributions to the Linux kernel, including the Broadcom STB GPIO controller driver, and also maintained the stbgcc cross-compiler toolchain and the kernel and rootfs for the 40nm BMIPS processor.

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