Learn how to selectively sync your Google Drive files with the Selective Sync mode of Insync.

With no official Google Drive client for Linux, Insync gives you the power to easily manage your Drive files on a Linux desktop. Insync also runs on Windows and macOS. You can download Insync below.

This video highlights Selective Sync mode which allows you to sync multiple files within the app UI. We highlight the Insync folder as well which is where your synced Google Drive files will be located locally.

If you encounter any issues, reach out to support@insynchq.com.

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May 16, 2020

Is Insync compatible with G Suite File Drive Stream? Do you see all folders and files from FDS in Insync at all times and can select custom ones to be available off line (just like in FDS)?


René Rodríguez

May 16, 2020

hello, I have ubuntu 16.04 installed and it does not open, momentarily the insync icon is opened in the taskbar but it immediately closes … any suggestions?


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