Load up the guns because it’s one action-packed battle in the palm of your hands. These soldiers are ready to rumble in this mobile action game called Metal Soldiers. The aim this game is to defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit. Once the timer runs out, the mission ends. Move the character on the platforms and shoot the enemy soldiers. There are also crates you can shoot and may drop various weapons. Pick up coins and visit the shop to buy other items for your soldier. The game also features other characters to unlock and play.



Metal Soldiers is an arcade type platform based shooter that looks like Metal Slug, you will be controlling your own soldier and move him from left to right killing all enemies on sight, there will be a lot of enemies you will encounter here, different types and wielding different types of weaponry, it’s going to be one bloody battle indeed, and you’re going to be in the middle of it, fortunately, your character will be well armed, you’ll be able to use all kinds of weaponry and fight the enemies in different locations, powerful as you are, you still can’t be too confident here as your enemies will be just as powerful and just as well armed and most important, you’ll be vastly outnumbered, every enemy unit you will encounter will have his weapons pointing at you, it’s a kill or be killed kind of situation, you need to eliminate the threat just as soon as you see them, so lock and load and get ready to slug it out with the baddies, eliminate them all and send them back to where they came from here in Metal Soldiers.

Graphics and Sound

Metal Soldiers has beautiful graphics, although the game looks like Metal Slug, this one seems to have prettier visuals, the character models have finer textures and certainly look prettier, environments are also cool, the foreground looks colorful and sharp while the backdrops look quite blurry which is great as it provides a very nice contrast making the overall look of the game quite stunning, colors are great, there is much variety, they look sharp and clean cut, very nice to look at really, animations are also smooth, character movement and weapon fire looks very nice, even the character controls are very responsive, music and sounds are also cool, the game has an exciting and rather engaging soundtrack and sound effects are also quite abundant and varied, weapon sounds vary from one weapon to another, I also like the special effects, there’s nothing groundbreaking or new but they really look flashy and pretty, overall, the visuals are quite stunning and certainly contributes to make the game more fun and exciting to play.


Metal Soldiers as mentioned earlier is a platform based shooter, it is side scrolling and presented in 2D, and like most games of this type, you move your character from left to right, shooting everything that moves along the way, you have to eliminate the enemies fast though, as they will all start shooting at you if you don’t kill them quickly and you’ll have a lot of enemy fire to dodge, besides the enemy soldiers you need to contend with, there are also robotic drones you need to destroy, no worries though as when they explode, they take out all units in the vicinity including your enemies, so use them to your advantage, the game has pretty simple controls, there are left and right arrows on the left to control the movements and a jump and fire button on the right for jumping and shooting the enemies.


Metal Soldiers features a fast paced action shooter, it has stunning graphics and really cool designs, there are a lot of enemies to shoot here, a lot of weapons to choose from and different locations for you to explore, it also has simple and easy to use controls to maximize the fun factor.


Metal Soldiers reminds me of Metal Slug and the good old action shooters of the past, I had a great time time here, it doesn’t have an engaging storyline but the game is just as fun as the newer games of today, check it out.

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