In episode 15 of little heroes, the spark is back and setting fires again… This time the spark has an evil plot to make fire water, that is until the firemen with their trusty kids fire engine get involved! Together the little heroes work to take down the Spark!

Watch the Whole Series of Little Heroes Episodes from New Sky Kids:

Little Heroes 1 – Firemen Helping Others:

Little Heroes 2 – The New Fire Engine, The Mayor and The Spark:

Little Heroes 3 – Firemen with their Fire Engine Teaching Darth Vader a Few Lessons:

Little Heroes 4 – The Stealer, The Fire Engine and The Batmobile:

Little Heroes 5 – The Cops, The Fire Engine and The Return of The Spark:

Little Heroes 6 – Firemen With Their Fire Engine Teaching Darth Vader Fire Safety:

Little Heroes 7 – The Germ Police And Their Cop Car – With Spiderman, The Hulk, And Darth Vader:

Little Heroes 8 – The Spark, The Fire Engine, The Tractor And The Farm Fire:

Little Heroes 9 – The Police Car, The Stealer, The Fire Engine and Spiderman:

Little Heroes 10 – The Spark, The Police Car, The Fire Engine and The Dump Truck:

Little Heroes 11 – Kids Nerf War Movie with The Adventure Kids and Supergirl:

Little Heroes 12 – The Cops the Fire Engine and the Return of the Stealer :

Little Heroes 13 – The Stinker, The Cops and the Harley Davidson :

Little Heroes 14 The Cop Car the Fire Engine and The Stealer is Back:


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