In this tutorial we will guide you how to view disk space in Linux.

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In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to view disk space in linux. We will teach you how to find out how much free space is available on your disk(s). Furthermore, we will teach you how to do so in two different ways.

Step 1 — Open File System

So let us get started with our “how to view disk space in Linux” tutorial.
First of all, let’s open up the Home Folder and over there, click on the File System option available in the menu towards the left hand side of the screen.

Step 2 — Open properties

Now right click on the open directory and from the drop down menu, select the properties option.

Step 3 — View total disk size

In the properties window, you will be able to see the total space available in your disk. In this manner, you can view the drive’s space in Linux.

Step 4 — View disk space via terminal

You can also view the disk space through the terminal application.
In order to do so, type “df” before you hit the enter key. This will show you the complete details of the disk space available in Kilobytes.

Step 5 — View space in GBs, MBs and KBs

The command with the h attribute shows you the detail in Gigabytes, Megabytes and in Kilobytes.
Simply, type the command “df –h” and hit the enter key.
In this manner, you can check the drive’s space in Linux.


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Leonard Jay Montano

May 14, 2020

Try this with Probeturion and you get automated monitoring with alerting


kilian melcher

May 14, 2020




May 14, 2020

how do you freeup diskspace on a filesystem? 
df -k /home
Filesystem    1024-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd1          8257536    103476   99%    38125    61% /home



May 14, 2020

We do our best, thanks!



May 14, 2020

short and sweet! perfect video!


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