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It’s easier than you think to copy files from one directory to another in Linux. In this snip, Bill will demonstrate how to use the Copy (cp) command.

There are three scenarios in this snip:

– simple copy from source to destination
This is the most common file management task.

– update copy from source to destination
This is a good parameter to use if you aren’t sure if the source files are newer than the destination files.

– recursive copy from source to destination
This parameter is used when you want to copy every folder and child object contained within.

An example of each command is available with this snip as a separate file.

Prerequisites include:
– Linux OS with Bash shell / shell of your choice.

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April 23, 2020

is it so hard to find someone that can copy or move a file that is 2 directories up and 3 directories over …like what the fuck.


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