The best alternative to google chromium operating system today i am going to show you the installation and a quick inside overview for this awesome free linux operating system.

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The best of Chromium and Ubuntu. Cub Linux is a project to replicate the Chromium OS experience on an Ubuntu Linux base system.
Cub Linux is free to download and use forever.

Google app integration
Familiar Chromium-style desktop
Runs on a wide variety of hardware
Install web apps from the Chrome store
Install full featured Linux desktop apps from Ubuntu repositories
Compatible with Steam gaming portal

More info:
Cub Linux (formerly Chromixium) is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that attempts to recreate the look & feel and functionality of Google’s Chrome OS on a conventional desktop. It combines the Openbox window manager with the Compton desktop compositor, Plank dock and LXDE’s LXPanel to provide the desktop and menus. The Chromium web browser, equipped with the PepperFlash plugin, is the main online application, although the complete array of Ubuntu software can be easily added for offline/desktop use. Ubuntu updates are installed automatically, providing long-term security support.

Official website
Status : discontinued


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Alejandro Cervantes

April 14, 2020

Stil using as second os alongside windows 7 and 10 …Love it


Carlos Cohen Arazi

April 14, 2020

Yo lo instalé en una notebook con 2GB de Ram, procesador Intel core 2 duo y gráfica integrada intel muy vieja y funciona maravillosamente.
Es una distro muy elegante, y funciona en forma muy fluida
Lo recomiendo !!
Lamento que no se continúe su desarrollo
seria maravilloso que se retomara su desarrollo

I installed it in a notebook with 2GB ram, intel core 2 duo processor and integrated intel very old graphics and works beautifully.
It is a very elegant distro, and works very smoothly
I recommend it !!
I regret that its development was not continued
It would be wonderful to resume its development



April 14, 2020

Reci mi šta misliš, cub ili galium ili chromium


Yoni Meller

April 14, 2020

Yeah but it's old. GalliumOS is a better alternative.


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