In this video I take a look around the Bodhi Linux desktop, this was part of the Big Daddy Linux Live Challenge 20th July 2019, I found Bodhi to be very minimal in design, that may have a lot to do with it being used specifically on low end hardware, it’s very different to a lot of other desktop environments I’ve used before. If you like to customise a desktop and make it your own Bodhi will probably have a tweak for you, there is endless amounts of discovery within Bodhi Linux. Hope you enjoy the video.

There was a problem with launching Synaptic Package Manager Error was – Moksha was unable to run the application: synaptic-pkexec

Key combination for “Show Everything Launcher”
Win+Spacebar (Left Windows key)

Command to generate Home Folders

Bodhi Linux Website –

Bodhi Linux Download –

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Destination Linux (Best Linux News)


Total OS Today


Linux Quest

Joe Collins (EzeeLinux)


Steve’s Very Own

Awesome Wallpapers

Karl Schneider (Deviant Art)

Charlie Henson

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Gennaro Giugliano

May 13, 2020

Hi exist ultimate version of Bodhy Linux for raspberry pi 4 arm ? many thanks and best regards


Dan Duby

May 13, 2020

The ibar is another name for the bottom shelf (panel).


Fouad Hoblos

May 13, 2020

Installing bodhi Linux 5 did not work for me on an old Lenovo Ideapad S12. It gave an initramfs error. It frustrated me since no forum I fetched presented a solution apart from burning the iso to a DVDROM and installing from it. I did not want to so I tried peppermint OS 10 instead, to wonderful results. I am still Keen on a lighter OS to my old netbook, so if anyone came across the error and found a workaround on this channel, I'd be grateful.


Mitchel Valentino

May 13, 2020

Nice look around. Good to see Bodhi getting some love. Cheers!


Alan Gómez

May 13, 2020

I remember using Enlightenment DE…too many config options!!!


marc lili

May 13, 2020

I used this distro for a vile,and for a simplistic ,and lite weight distribution it is over complicated .


Tax Action

May 13, 2020

Not sure if the Bodhi Dev team will stay motivated after researching their background story.
They seem to project hop quite a bit, go missing, then come back. All the previous Enlightenment/E17 users seem to give Bodhi the thumbs up.
Just use Debian Xfce or Xubuntu if you need something lightweight, reliable and of course stable.
Thanks for the look around and smooth video editing PCTLC!


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